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Recycling service

The Metal Recycling Specialists in Barnhart, MO You Can Benefit From!

Do you need extra money? Is your backyard filled with remnants from old metal appliances? If you have a significant quantity of simple aluminum cans or metal parts and you want to clean up your property, Can Man will gladly pay top dollar for them. You don’t even need to lift a finger! Our Barnhart, MO business is here to gladly provide you with the leading metal recycling services in the area.

Client Testimonials

by Kent Byrd on Can Man

They helped me sort my brass materials. The experts from this brass recycling center were kind, reliable, and courteous. I will surely contact them once again for future recycling jobs that I have!

If you have a trash bag full of beer cans from your last party or a box of brass parts in your garage that have stayed there for years, our recycling center is ready to make it worth your while!

What makes Can Man stand out from any other aluminum and brass recycling businesses out there is not only our swift and reliable service but the benefits we provide our customers with. Do you want to purchase a new appliance or have a night on the town with friends? Our aluminum can recycling specialists will gladly pay you a significant amount of money for your junk metal – so you can make your own plans come true without having to worry about your wallet.

A lot of people in Barnhart, MO don’t know that they are sitting on a gold mine – do not hesitate to look around your property! Old parts, piping, and a forgotten bundle of electrical wires, these are all things that can get you some serious cash. Since the establishment of our aluminum and copper recycling business in 1968, we have made the environment a lot cleaner, and many customers – richer.

In addition to getting a hefty reward for your metals, through recycling you are also doing a great public service. It is an all-known fact that any metals left to rot away somewhere can become very hazardous for any animal and plant life. The most excellent part of it is that all you have to do is give our specialists a call. We will gladly help you out!


Services List

  • Wire Recycling
  • Cash for Brass and Copper
  • Cash for Aluminum
  • Metal Piping Recycling

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